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[Review] Left 4 Dead DLC – The Sacrifice

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start reviewing games, hardware, and other nerdy things that I buy, or get on my blog. The reason I’m doing this is because I’m bored, and my blog doesn’t have much use right now. For this first review, I will be reviewing the recently released Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, The Sacrifice.

Story – 9/10
Without giving away too many spoilers, the story for The Sacrifice is good. This doesn’t mean just the actual campaign itself, but the comic included. I read the whole comic and I loved how Valve delved into the back-stories of each of the original four characters, and what led them to where they are now. As for the game, it lacked a certain story element, as there were really only two plot points. Zoey is pissed at Bill, and someone dies. There was one slight issue I found, but it’s very minor. In the second chapter of the campaign, crows can summon a hoard of zombies, but the continuous gunshots from you and the other survivors don’t? That doesn’t make much sense to me 😛

New Gameplay Elements – 6/10
I gave this section a 6 because I felt that The Sacrifice lacked new elements of gameplay. While The Passing brought Mutations, new weapons, foot lockers, etc. The only new gameplay that this DLC brought where the explosive barrels. However, I give this one update a 6, because they are FUUUN to blow up! 🙂

Character Interactions 4/10
The points just keep dropping! D: Alright, the main reason for writing this review was I was very upset at the character interactions. While the main reasons I gave this such a low score don’t matter in the Left 4 Dead version, the are obvious in the Left 4 Dead 2 version. This was the one major flaw in the DLC. Apparently Valve forgot, or didn’t think it was necessary to record many new things for characters to say. They did record some story-related stuff, and recordings of the original cast calling out the new Special Infected (Jockets, Spitters and Chargers). However, they neglected to record new vocals for items. While this may not seem like a big deal, I’ve found that it can be quite an annoyance. When you find new items, such as Adrenaline Shots, Laser Sights, Frag Rounds, etc. the original survivors will only say something generic like “Look at this!” In my experience, quite a few times this has happened, someone has put down Frag or Fire bullets and because the characters don’t mention them, you sometimes don’t notice that they exist until it’s too late. It’s even worse with laser sights, because bots can use them without someone having to deploy them, so sometimes bots find laser sights and you don’t even notice.

Overall 7/10
I really like playing the campaign, but there are some flaws that I wish Valve would change/update. I also would have liked to have seen new weapons, even if there were just Melee. I did like the addition of the No Mercy campaign from the original game, but as for the actual “Sacrifice” contents, I felt they were slightly lacking. Plus, the No Mercy campaign was only if you have Left 4 Dead 2. If you only have the first game, you didn’t get that little extra. From reading the comic alone, I could have rated it a 10/10 overall, but the actual game content made me drop the rating a little. Either way, I am really looking forward to more future Left 4 Dead DLC.

Lockerz Rant

I decided to do a full rant today. I have been planning this one for a while, but today was redemption day in Lockerz, and once again I got screwed out of ANY prize whatsoever, so I’ve decided to finally make my rant about this terrible site.

Anyone who has been around the internet knows about those sites where you play games, or watch videos, or answer survey questions. Sites like these give you points which you can redeem for prizes. Lockerz, is like this, however it has multiple huge flaws which make this the dumbest idea ever.

Other sites have a constant availability of certain prizes. Lockerz has a wide array of prize choices, and thus only has redemptions once a month. Yes, you heard me, 12 a year. Occasionally, they will do different waves, like this month, however, you usually have to pay extra Ptz just to get into those waves, with no guarantee of even getting a prize.

I joined Lockerz in August, when I got an invite from my friend, Joseph (who used to own I started earning Ptz and finally got enough to actually get a prize. I waited for a redemption. The first redemption I was actually able to participate in, however, I needed 200 Ptz for the prize I wanted. On redemption day, I only had 190. Basically, if you are a few Ptz below a prize, you are screwed and have to wait a month. They could remedy this with some sort of wishlist, which allows you to put an item on hold, if you are in a range of ptz needed to get the item. FLAW!

Another problem I have with this site, is everything is done sporadically. During the month of January, the site would randomly go down for maintenance at completely unwanted times, and would be down for days. Then, you wouldn’t be allowed to get Ptz for the days you missed when it was their fault. Also, redemptions aren’t at a said time each month. In the months of November and December, there were absolutely NO redemptions. When they finally did bring redemptions back, they had changed the system entirely. They didn’t say when they were, they would be EXTREMELY vague, and say “The redemption will happen within the next two weeks.” or something along those lines. I waited for those two weeks for the redemption, and one day after school, I decided to take a nap because I had been doing school work all day. I woke up from my nap to find that the redemption had happened while I had a nap. FLAW!

The next issue I have is with an issue they have. Technical issues. During tonight’s redemptions, their servers lagged intensively. Maybe if you lived in South Korea, and had super-internet, you could connect, but for me, the site loaded slowly, and kept being unresponsive. If they are going to continue to do their redemptions like this, they should at least have the brains to invest in some decent servers and hardware upgrades. If I had to guess, they’re probably using some old PC running Windows Server 2003 with wamp. By the time the site finally did load, all of the prizes were gone. Knowing most people, they would also have this problem, which means this site absoutely sucks. Also, along with technical issues, they threatened to ban me, (and others) for “illegally obtaining Ptz” when it was their programming flaws that were giving people points. Personally, I didn’t even notice I was getting extra points. I just thought you got Ptz from doing things on the site. They aren’t very good at explaining things either. They threatened to ban me TWICE because of this issue. They said if it happened again, I would be banned. FLAW!

The last issue I have is the overall stupidity of the staff. They are too busy making videos of their dailies questions than updating their site. Their site uses too many images. They need to tone it down a little bit, and clean up their coding, so the site will load faster. They took one good step in moving redemptions to a different server. However, both servers cannot hande the load that they put on them each redemption.

For now, I do NOT recommend joining this site. If someone sends you an invite, don’t accept it. The odds of you getting a prize are EXTREMELY low. Maybe if the Lockerz development team gets a brain, and learns how to upgrade hardware in a computer/server, this site would be worth joining.

If you take anything from this blog post, it’s this: DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE!

The Lost Blog Post

I know that nobody actually visits my blog, and it’s mainly just for me, kind of like a public journal of sorts, but I still think I should post why I haven’t posted a new blog post in forever. The main reason has been the holidays, plus I don’t expect to be one of those every-day blog posters. Anyway, let’s talk about the holidays, shall we?

Well, now that Christmas is over, I am extremely depressed. My family is always closer during the holidays and now it’s back to everyone split up and never being with each other. I am one of the few teens who actually wants to be around their family. Anyway, Christmas was a great day. I got plenty of presents, but it’s not about that (although it doesn’t hurt ;D). I’ll post what I got at the end of this blog post.

New years is in a few days. Followed by my birthday on the 3rd. I am a little excited. I’m love to gorge on junk food waiting for a ball to drop =D. I ordered myself a birthday present. A barebone kit, so I can rebuild my computer. Gonna be a major upgrade from 1.8GHz (single core) to 2.7GHz (dual core). The only downside is my DVD and my HDD are IDE, and my new motherboard only has one IDE port. I figure it’s cheaper to get a SATA DVD drive. If not, I can always sell my 500GB IDE HDD and buy a 500GB SATA HDD. I accidentally bought a SATA HDD before, and it was about the same cost as the IDE.

That’s all I got for now, so here’s what I got for Christmas:

22″ HD TV (1o80i)
Halo 3 ODST
Nintendo DS Lite (because DSi SUCKS! imho)
Super Mario 64 DS (love the game, but no analog on a game developed originally developed with the use of an analog stick is BAD)
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (LOVE THIS GAME! Besides getting stuck on bosses >_<, I wanna unlock SORA!)
Guitar Hero On Tour Modern Hits (It’s OK. Not as good as other GH games though)
Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story (I understand splitting the controls for normal gameplay, but WHY IN BATTLE?!)
LG Envy 3 (was NOT expecting a new phone, but I love it :D)
Gamecube (because I’ve always wanted one, and I recently found out they’re cheap, used)
Paper Mario 2 (Wanna play so bad, but I didn’t get a memory card for the gamecube D:)
Camera Memory Card (because my brother thought it could be used in a gamecube)
Wallet (niiiiceeee new leather wallet from my dad)
Plenty of new Shirts
New PJ Pants

Nexon and MapleStory

Recently I have been playing MapleStory again after quitting my Level 92 White Knight. I have to say, there have been many game changes since I left, and a lot of them are for the better.

For those of you who don’t know, MapleStory is an MMORPG. I’ve been playing it since I was in the 9th Grade (on-and-off), and It’s somewhat addicting. Not as addicting as WoW, but close enough. It’s Free-To-Play (sort of, I’ll explain below), so anyone can download and play.

Now, I first want to point out the good things about this game. First of all, it’s fun. You can fight monsters, do quests, interact with people all around the world. Another good thing is that they have made their game VERY beginner friendly. When I first began playing the game (Version 0.09, Currently Version 0.80, patches monthly),  there was so much I could have done but didn’t. I also didn’t raise my stats properly, leading to me having a warrior with 11 LUK and 10 INT (if you’ve played the game, you know that’s bad). Also, I didn’t spend much time in the beginner section, known as Maple Island, because I died and talked to the NPC Shanks and warped out without knowing. Now, it’s almost impossible to mess up, unless you REALLY aren’t paying attention. On-screen events show you what to do, and take you step-by-step to learning how the game works. The game, essentially is also very easy. But we come to the bad parts.

There are plenty of bad parts about the game, stemming from the horrible company that publishes it. Nexon. While most people overreact, this company really needs to revamp the way they work. Their updates get extended nearly everyt ime, and are glitchy when they finally are put online. Their customer service is dreadful. It can take weeks to a month or two to get a reply in their ticket system. Sometimes your tickets are closed without being resolved, and even deleted without a reply. They also have a way of using real money in game called NX. It’s a great idea, if you want to spice up your character, or have optional items, however they have taken it to far. Players that pay real money can get double, even triple the EXP of someone who didn’t, they can get rare items using Gachapon (a machine where you insert tickets and get game-items), you can have pets that will pick up items and money for you, you can even open stores to sell items. Essentially, if you don’t pay, it’s much harder to play.

That’s all I have to say, however I still recommend this game. Head on over to for more information.

Forgot About My Blog?!

No, never. I’ve just been busy. I have been thinking about what to do for my next blog post. I had a great idea, but I lost it. So now I’m just posting this to point out that I’m still around. I spent the weekend decorating for the holidays. I didn’t get too much done, because I was watching Christmas movies and TV shows while doing it.

It is starting to come together though, and I’m really getting into the holiday mood. Horray for holidays! Plus this is the last week of classes. Then I get a month off. I’m looking forward to playing DS games (if I get one).

This blog has been short, but that’s all for now, really. Just checking in. But I would like to dedicate this blog post to my… uhh… thing… Blue (IP: Thank you for sucking so much, you actually made my day!

Too Much Driving

Have you ever driven a lot in one day? Have you ever thought “I’m finally home” but then you realize you either forgot something or you just need to drive again? Well, that happened to me. I drove to school like I always do, but then I realized I forgot to bring this thing that needed to be signed by the registrar. So I drove home after class and got it, and drove all the way back. Got it signed, got all the way home just in time for my sister to beg me to drive her to the store to get hair crap. I finally give in drive her all the way, she goes in, and decides she doesn’t want it anymore.


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